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Healthcare Benefits For Senior Citizens In Arizona

healthcare for senior citizens

853,000 Senior Citizens In Arizona Would Benefit In Various Ways

  • Senior citizens healthcare premiums would be lowered because Medicare would no longer be overpaying private insurance plans. Presently even the 68% of seniors not taking part in Medicare Advantage are overpaying thanks to high premiums. Most couples pay about $90 extra annually to help fund private plans. The new healthcare reform bill cuts such payments.

  • There would be major savings on prescription drug costs. About 151,000 beneficiaries of Medicare in the state of Arizona fall into the "doughnut hole" of coverage. This can mean on average $4080 in out-of-pocket costs annually. However, the healthcare reform bill would slash this amount by 50%.

  • Free preventative healthcare services would be covered. Any recommended preventative testing would be free of charge. Presently a $740 colonoscopy is billed to seniors at $17,210. Free wellness visits would also be covered.
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