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Effects of the Healthcare Reform in Alabama

alabama healthcareThe Alabama Health Insurance Reform is meant to provide competitive medical insurance and affordable healthcare even when people are at risk of losing jobs, or when they will start a new business or change their old job. The proposal for the new law to be implemented in 2010 and 2011 is meant to produce real benefits for families, seniors, small businesses and states.

The Alabama Health Insurance Reform aims to create an option for high risk people such as persons who have diabetes and those with high blood pressure who cannot get health insurance today because health insurance companies deny medical insurance coverage for them. The Healthcare Reform in Alabama will help people find options.

The lifetime limits imposed on the coverage provided by health insurance companies will no longer be possible because these companies will be restricted from setting annual limits. The Alabama Health Insurance Reform will stabilize the coverage of early retirees thus making it possible for families to save up to $1,200 on premiums. Free preventive services will be possible due to the fact that Healthcare Reform in Alabama will let people access these preventive services for free using their health plans.

The Alabama Health Insurance Reform will help reduce the cost of excessive payments on Medicare's private plans. Another great benefit for seniors is that reform legislation aims to provide a 50 percent discount for Part D drug coverage that otherwise can cost an average of $4,080 per year. Seniors will also benefit from free wellness visits to their personal provider by using a personalized prevention plan.

Small businesses which make up most of Alabama's economy could benefit from a small business tax credit proposal that will make premiums more affordable for them.

The Alabama Health Insurance Reform will help state budgets also by relieving the pressure of uncompensated care because more uninsured people will gain coverage. The burden of hidden premium "tax" on people who already have insurance will be eliminated because the coverage will be extended to uninsured people. The reform can have another beneficial role because it enables Alabama residents to be eligible for premium credits that will cover the cost of co-payments, deductibles and premiums.

The coverage of health insurance will extend to a wide variety of situations such as unemployment, changing jobs and sickness. The current situation in Alabama shows that 666,000 residents do not have health insurance and by the year 2019 that number could increase. Even though the numbers aren't so promising, every one of the people from this statistic lives his own drama. No cold statistics could measure up the value of a human being who for various reasons could not get health insurance under the current system.

The Healthcare Reform in Alabama could also reduce the bureaucracy. Physicians will have more time for caring for their patients instead of dealing with a lot of paper work because they will use simplified and standardized forms and computerized medical records.

These and many other changes will greatly impact how Alabama residents experience health care.